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Titanium Industrial Security was founded in 2016 with the mission of being a cybersecurity advising company in Connected Industry (Industry 4.0 / Smart Factory/ IIoT) both nationally and internationally.

Our staff is specialized in several fields of industrial cybersecurity (electric generation, transportation, manufacturing, etc.) and hold worldwide prestigious certifications.

Among our top values we should highlight our commitment and passion for what we do.

Cyberattacks in industrial environments: A growing problem.

In recent times, industrial cybersecurity has become an issue that can no longer be ignored.
As production plants are becoming increasingly connected with other systems, those in charge of IT / OT need a reassessment of the industrial control and adjacent systems security posture.
Titanium Industrial Security offers industrial cybersecurity services for the most demanding requirements with the purpose of helping industrial companies to face threats and comply with industry regulations.


Titanium Industrial Security offers three groups of services:
- Analysis: Security assessment of the industrial control systems.
- Integration: Design and implementation of cybersecurity solutions and secure architectures.
- Detection and Action: Cybersecurity maintenance solutions and services.


Initial Diagnosis

Assessment of cybersecurity risk status of industrial installations through traffic analysis, device configuration, documentation and procedure review.
The work is carried out using Titanium’s own technologies and passive, non-disruptive techniques.


Test your company’s response against an external and internal attack using the techniques of a real attacker (ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, internal and external intrusion test, social engineering).

GAP analysis

IEC 62443, ISO 27001, NIS / UE 2016/1148 preliminary audit implementation.


OT/IT Cybersecurity design and implementation

We design and implement secure architectures based on international standards, through IT / OT segmentation and deployment of specific solutions for industrial control system protection.


Technical consulting services, systems and products pre-certification and regulatory body development.
Our goal is to ACCOMPANY industries in their secure control system process implementation and maintenance.

Training and awareness

We provide staff awareness courses targeting your IT / OT personnel and provide targeted phishing campaigns and cybersecurity solutions training.


Cybersecurity Services

Monitoring, intrusion detection, incident and vulnerability management and solutions maintenance.

Incident Response

We assist with incident management, create contingency and disaster recovery plans and perform forensic analysis.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

We offer a continuous monitoring and management of security events, 24x7x365.


Industrial Cybersecurity Laboratory

The laboratory is a controlled environment for testing, development and evaluation (own or third-party) of products and systems in realistic way, simulating a complete industrial ecosystem.

OT Regulatory Compliance

We guide and accompany industrial companies to comply with regulations and standards.

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